From Poland expelled Russian historian

Dmitry Karnaukhov

Poland has expelled from its territory the Russian scientist, doctor of historical Sciences Dmitry Karnaukhov. This TV channel “Zvezda” reported the head of the center for public relations and mass media of the Russian Institute for strategic studies (RISS) Igor Pshenichnikov.

“He was suspected of contacts with the Russian special services and activities contrary to the interests of Poland,” said Pshenichnikov.

Special forces of Poland stated that Karnaukhov was working undercover, posing as a research scientist, and in fact participated in the “hybrid war against Poland”, said Pshenichnikov.

The Russian foreign Ministry said it will give a response to the government’s decision on deportation Karnaukhova. “We believe that bloated the Polish authorities of another scandal on the grounds of spying with the duty set not supported with evidence testifies to the reluctance of the official Warsaw to stop the artificial whipping up of tensions in relations with Russia. The desire of all to look for signs of “hybrid” attacks and subversive activities on our part fits into a deliberate anti-Russian policy of the current leadership of Poland” — said the Agency.