Fired for showing children the movie “It” the teacher supported the children’s Ombudsman

Fired for showing children the movie “It” the teacher supported the children’s Ombudsman

The Commissioner for children’s rights in Moscow region Ksenia Mironova said to “Interfax” that the school teacher has the right under its responsibility to show a film labeled “18+” in the classroom. Mironova regretted that the teacher from the heading had to because of such incident, to leave the school.

“I do not blame the teacher from the heading, which showed the film “It” students of the eighth grade. I think she wanted a way to find contact with children, to show that they have common interests. I myself love Stephen king. My friend, journalist and film critic Anton Dolin said that this film is very suitable for this age,” she said.

Also Mishonov regretted that because of this incident, the teacher left the school. “She wrote a statement on their own due to the fact that she complained. No reprisals against her. I’m sure that it is no problem to find a job at another school,” added the Ombudsman.

On 13 October it became known that the teacher of a school in Balashikha near Moscow was fired after Russian lesson, she showed the children the movie “It” by the book by Stephen king. The teacher staged the show at the request of the children.

The horror movie “It” has set a world record for paintings of its genre at the box office. Released on September 7, the tape managed to collect more than $ 500 million. Prior to this the highest grossing in the history of horror was considered a horror movie “the exorcist” earned 441 million dollars.

Picture Andres, Mosketti was the remake of the horror film of 1990. Adaptation of the homonymous novel of the writer Stephen king tells the story of how a small American town begin to disappear — kidnapped by creepy clown Pennywise.