Eight regions that pay their residents

Eight regions that pay their residents

“My planet” has picked up eight places in the world where you are ready to encourage for accommodation.

Alaska, USA

Depends on the annual profit of the state and is $1000 or more: in 2015, each of the 637 014 inhabitants were paid $2072, in 2016 — $1022

For the residents of the coldest state in the US trying to cover the costs of adverse climate of generous financial offer. Since 1976, there is a permanent Fund of Alaska, which receives 25% of the profit of the state of the revs, oil and half of the income is directly distributed among the people of the region. The first dividend was paid in 1982. They put all Americans who have lived in Alaska for at least a year and not having a criminal record. Add to this the high level of local wages, measured way of life and tranquil landscapes — and you may also decide that the game is worth the candle.

The Village Of Pong, Spain

€3000 each moved a couple and €3,000 for each child born here

Pong is a small village in Asturias, in the North-East of Spain. The property is in a conservation area it is attractive to a generous financial offer for those wishing to move. What? A good starting capital. The only requirement that needs to be fulfilled — that the family remained in Pong for at least five years. Currently on the territory of the village lives only 851 people. Less than 50 residents are under the age of 18 years. To try to reverse the trend, the municipality decided on a financial cost.

The City Of Utrecht, The Netherlands

€960 per month during two years (may 2017)

The Dutch city of Utrecht, capital of the eponymous province in the Netherlands, the number of residents not complaining, ranking fourth in the country after Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague. However, its management decided to conduct a social experiment on studying the influence of absolute income on life of citizens: not spilled or whether, on the contrary, suddenly do something useful? The participants were divided into six groups accordingly to different conditions of the experiment, however, each monthly paid €960 for accommodation, and in one of the groups offer a further €150 for participation in volunteer programs. Apparently, not stop there are planning, and if successful the program will become more widespread and will be applied also in other cities.