Didn’t know, not jealous, not hated. Ukraine accused in the murder of Denis Boronenkov testified in Russia

Didn’t know, not jealous, not hated. Ukraine accused in the murder of Denis Boronenkov testified in Russia

As it became known “Kommersant”, Russia’s Investigative Committee questioned the authoritative businessman Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik). He is a witness in a murder case in Kiev fugitive ex-Deputy of the state Duma Denis Boronenkov. Vladimir Tyurin, which the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in absentia accused of organizing the murder, said Russian investigators that he had no motive to kill Mr. Voronenkov.

According to the Kommersant’s sources in law enforcement bodies, Vladimir Tyurin himself came to the main investigation Department of the TFR, which is investigating a criminal case of murder in Kyiv on 23 March of this year Russian citizen Denis Boronenkov.

On a visit to the investigators, by words “authority” and his inspired message of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine that he could be involved in the organization of this crime.

According to the Ukrainian investigation, Vladimir Tyurin decided to deal with the ex-MP for two reasons: first, about his allegedly asked the FSB, and secondly, he allegedly had a personal motive to get even with the former people’s Deputy, as his mistress, Opera singer Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs — later became the wife of Mr. Boronenkov.

Answering questions of participants of the investigation, Vladimir Tyurin explained that any dislike of Denis Voronenkov he had not experienced feelings of jealousy too, since I broke up with Ms. Maksakova-Igenbergs long before she began to meet with the Deputy from the Communist party.

According to Vladimir Tyurin, the Lord of the Voronenkova his way in business never crossed paths — they were not even familiar with. Accordingly, as claims to “authority” was not among them and there are no conflicts. He denies any connection with the secret services.

What could be killed Denis Boronenkov, “authority” doesn’t know. He stressed that personally sees no benefits from the death of Mr. Boronenkov. Moreover, the death of the former Deputy caused him many problems.

Chief among them is that his name again appeared at the hearing — the last years of “authority”, which previously together with Mrs. Maria Maksakova was a regular at various gatherings, tried to stay away from secular life in order to quietly go about his business.

Any connection with the secret services Vladimir Tyurin denied, and the charges brought against him by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, calls delusional.

According to sources, “Kommersant”, the investigation about the murder of Denis Boronenkov investigation team GSU SKR fulfills different versions of the crime. However, most of them are somehow connected with business conflicts of ex-MP, who was involved in the leasing and sale of non-residential premises, as well as conflicts over the partition of property belonging to him.