What is UNESCO and how often do coming out of the US?

What is UNESCO and how often do coming out of the US?

The U.S. and Israel, announced his intention to leave UNESCO.

This has not yet happened, it is worth remembering that constitutes the organization, its history, goals, and what is still conflictual.

What is UNESCO?

The abbreviation for UNESCO is hiding full English name: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization — United Nations education, science and culture.

The official languages of UNESCO are Arabic, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and French. The headquarters of the organization is located in Paris.

At the moment, in her part of the 195 member States (after the U.S.’s transition to the status of an observer country and the release of Israel, they will remain 193) and 10 associated members (mainly the Autonomous territory, which does not carry its own foreign policy — these include, for example, the British virgin Islands and Macau).

Among the observers are the Vatican and order of Malta.

Israel has not yet announced whether it will be submitted to UNESCO.

When there was an organization?

During the Second world war between the two countries, founded later the UN started the discussion, dealing mainly with recovery of the education system in peacetime. At the end of the war it was decided to create an organization that will deal with the issues of education and culture. The Constitution of UNESCO was signed on 16 November 1945 and entered into force on 4 November 1946 after ratification by 20 States.

The USSR joined the organization only in 1954.

Formally, the Soviet government explained its non-participation in the activities of the organization that the organizers of the founding conference in 1946, did not accept the Soviet proposal to postpone it under the formal pretext.