We identified the main sources of ocean pollution

We identified the main sources of ocean pollution

German scientists examined 57 of the largest rivers and calculated that up to 95% of plastic debris in the oceans of the ten rivers, most of which is in Asia.

A recent study of Hydrogeologists from the center of Helmholtz in Germany showed that 88-95% of the total plastic waste in the oceans have ten rivers, of which eight are in Asia.

These rivers were flowing in Asia, the Yangtze, Indus, yellow river, Haihe, Ganges, pearl, Amur, Mekong, and Africa, the Niger and the Nile.

The results of a study similar to that presented recently by the report that due to the improper treatment of garbage, a large part of plastic waste enters the oceans from China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Pollution damage of the marine ecosystem is more than $7.9 billion

Plastic trash kills over 1 million sea birds, 100,000 sea mammals and countless fish, writes Daily Mail.

Dr. Christian Schmidt is sure that the problem is solved and the imposition of a more serious control on the ten most polluted rivers will reduce the amount of plastic waste in the oceans by 45%.

“Measures to clean can be very effective. Reducing the amount of plastic in these ten rivers by 50% will reduce the overall pollution of rivers and seas by 45%,” said Schmidt.