The Kremlin commented on the words of Czech President to Ukraine lost Crimea

Milos Zeman

The statements of Czech President Milos Zeman about the final loss of the Crimea and Ukraine possible compensation from Moscow is part of Europe in the ensuing controversy. On Friday, October 13, said the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports RIA Novosti.

“We are talking about, say, intra-European discussions. We, of course, highly respected by a very reputable European policy Zeman, who, as you know, long-standing good relationship with President [Vladimir] Putin, this is the first. Second: Yes, we observe the intra-European debate that is underway in this regard, and in particular drew attention to the recent statement of President Zeman”, — said the representative of the Kremlin.

On October 11 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has refused to discuss the suggestion of Zeman about possible compensation to Kiev for the Crimea from Moscow. According to him, the question of the status of the region is not yet closed.

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, in turn, called the President of the Czech Republic vile and advised to drink less.

Zeman spoke about the status of Crimea on October 10. In his opinion, the Peninsula for Ukraine is already lost, and attempts his return could lead to European war. He noted that Moscow could do something to repair the damage to Kiev — in financial the form of oil or gas.