The Director of the cafe in the Volga region threatened with his sword saying about recycling the bartender

In the city of Novoanninskiy Volgograd region police opened a criminal case against the Director of the cafe, threatening Cossack sword to the girl-bartender. This was reported on the website of the regional Central Directorate of interior Ministry on Friday, October 13.

“The suspect admitted his guilt and explained that the offense was committed under the influence of alcohol”, — is noted in the text.

The incident occurred on 1 October. Drank in its place a 43-year-old man got mad when the hour of the night, his employee said that he was leaving home. It happened two hours after completing her work shift.

Furious, the Director waved to the girl born with a Cossack sword, and she was so scared that pressed “the disturbing button”. Arrived on the scene, the staff of chop disarmed brawler and gave it to the police.

In March, a drunken resident of Orenburg with an axe smashed the door of the office of the magistrate, but did not find her there and ran outside. On the way, he threatened to kill the man in robes. After the arrest, skipper was placed under house arrest and has filed a case against him under article 296 of the criminal code (“the Threat in connection with the administration of justice”).