The British foreign Secretary to visit Russia in the end of 2017

The British foreign Secretary to visit Russia in the end of 2017

The purpose of the trip Boris Johnson will be the discussion of international security.

Moscow. 13 Oct. INTERFAX.RU Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson at the end of 2017 plans to visit Russia to discuss the problems of international security, said on Friday at the Ministry.

“The foreign Minister will visit Moscow by the end of this year at the invitation of Minister of foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, at the time, as the UK continues active contacts with Russia”, — stated in the message the British foreign Minister.

It States that the purpose of the visit, Johnson will be a “discussion of international security.”

The British foreign office said that, in particular, Johnson plans to raise the issue of the agreement on the Iranian atom, the situation in the middle East.

He also would like to exchange opinions about the major threats to international stability.

“We will also have the opportunity to discuss the cooperation on security at the world Cup, which will take place next summer. Russia and the UK are working constructively together on this issue”, — stated in the message.

The British foreign office have concluded that a number of international issues between London and Moscow, there is disagreement. In particular, we are talking about the situation in Syria, the Ukraine and the Crimea. Moreover, as noted in London, “it is vitally important to continue the dialogue on issues that affect British national interests.”