The authorities of the Moscow region told about the fight against unemployment

303 job fairs held in the Moscow region since the beginning of the year as part of a package of measures to reduce unemployment. About it “” have informed in regional government on Wednesday, October 11.

“In January-September this year, with the assistance of the employment service were employed 50,9 thousand people, including 19,5 thousand unemployed,” — said the first Deputy Chairman of the Moscow area Olga Zabralova.

Just over three quarters of 2017, the region is recognized as unemployed 30,6 thousand people, which is 26 percent less than the same period last year, she added. In the regional employment service for assistance in job search turned 74 thousand people, with information on the situation on the labour market and 84.7 thousand persons, professional orientation, almost 36 thousand people.

At the same time declared by the employers need for workers in January-September of 2017 amounted to 109.4 thousand vacancies, and 74% for blue-collar jobs, said the first Deputy Prime Minister.

In mid-September, Olga Zabralova stated that the Moscow region retains a strong position among the most prosperous in the sphere of employment of the subjects of Russia.

On 7 July, the Minister of investments and innovations of Moscow region Denis Butsaev said that in the Moscow region until the end of the year can begin the work of four dozen new industrial enterprises that will create more jobs.