The attempt of the Koreans to take a picture ended with the fall into the abyss

Posing for photography student from South Korea crashed in the fall from one of the steep cliffs in the English County of East Sussex. About it reports The Daily Mail.

23-year-old Hye Won Kim came to the UK in order to improve the English. She went to a state Park to seven Sisters, where is group of rocks that are particularly popular with tourists.

The girl asked a stranger to take pictures of her jumping on the edge of the cliff. However, she could not resist and fell from a 60-metre cliff. Police later found the phone Koreans six shots on which she is depicted jumping right on the edge of the abyss.

“I saw she was standing on the edge of the cliff], and then heard a thud. In the place where she stood, leaving only her bag”, — leads edition the words of one of the witnesses.

The dead body was found at the bottom of the abyss. According to doctors, she died from severe head injuries.

According to the publication, annually, of seven Sisters is visited by over 350 thousand people. Despite the warning signs and despite the danger, tourists come to the edge of the cliff to take photos.