Salaries in Roskomnadzor came under the supervision of the FSB

Salaries in Roskomnadzor came under the supervision of the FSB

As it became known””, on participation in payroll fraud, the Investigative Committee reviews all senior staff in the Central office of Roscomnadzor. The charges already brought against three of them, and the CEO subordinated to it FGUP “the Main radio frequency center” (GRCC). The latter explained that he had been forced to employ for the enterprise “dead souls” in order to allow Roskomnadzor to retain valuable employees by increasing their salaries. Especially that last, receiving double salaries, actually worked for two.

According to “Kommersant”, the investigation, which is now held in Roskomnadzor and the state GRCC, was preceded by large-scale rapid development. For about six months, the FSB tapped telephone conversations and studied the movement of funds on accounts of officials, spending even seizure of information from ATMs, which they enjoyed.

In the end, the collected materials were sent to the investigation Department of the TFR for the southern district of Moscow, the territorial jurisdiction of which belongs FGUP GRCC. USCR opened a criminal case about large fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code) against unidentified managers of the centre, and at the end of last week in appeared first defendants. They were the CEO of GRCC Anastasia Zvyagintsev, as well as employees of Roskomnadzor — head of legal Department, Boris Edidin, chief of staff Alexander Merry and the press Secretary of Department Vadim Ampelonskiy.

MS Zvyagintseva after interrogation was released on his own recognizance, and her alleged accomplices by the decision of Cheremushkinsky regional court had been concluded under house arrest. And from the court investigators are required to send masters Edidin and Anemoscope in jail.

From the plot, the charges against all defendants in the criminal case, it follows that illegal salary scheme operated since 2012 to February 2017. With its use, I believe in USCR, stole more than 20 million rubles.

While it is assumed that the organizer of the scheme could be MS Zvyagintsev. According to some testimony, the General Director of the FSUE reported that they employed the enterprise of the so-called dead souls, on cards which are then in the savings Bank accrued wages, not to steal these funds, but only to support “valuable” employees of the Department. For example, say that when hiring Vadim Ampelonskiy offered a salary immediately and from Roskomnadzor, and the Federal state unitary enterprise.