Russia has condemned the Pentagon in the creation of systems of instant global strike

The Pentagon has already begun to establish a promising strike complexes instant global strike. This was stated by the representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia, Alexander Emelyanov in the Russian-Chinese briefing on missile defense, RIA Novosti reported.

According to him, these complexes are assigned tasks similar to the requirements of strategic nuclear forces. Emelyanov pointed to the ability of the US to launch a “disarming” strike on objects of strategic nuclear forces of Russia and China.

Defense Ministry spokesman noted that the Pentagon is an additional factor contributing to Washington’s desire to destroy the existing balance of forces in the world.

Instant global strike (PGS — Prompt Global Strike) — non-nuclear high-precision system, allowing to quickly (according to American standards — 60 minutes from the time of the decision) to strike at any target on the globe.

As systems PGS provides warheads for ballistic missiles, non-nuclear, hypersonic cruise missiles, and in the future — orbital kinetic system (“rods of God”): metal rods accelerated to high speed and accurately aimed at the target.