Reveals the connection between Allah and the Vikings

Reveals the connection between Allah and the Vikings

A group of Swedish scientists have found new evidence that the Vikings preached Islam. About the study reports the Independent.

In one of the burial places of the Vikings, the experts found a piece of silk on which was embroidered the name of Allah and son-in-law of the prophet Muhammad, Ali Ibn Abu Talib. It dates back to the IX—X centuries. Initially it was thought that there is an ordinary decoration, but then the archaeologist Annika Larsson (Annika Larsson) noticed that the fabric depicts Kufic letter. Larsson is confident that the tomb belongs to the Viking, who probably converted to Islam.

#Viking Age script deciphered – mentions ‘Allah’ and ‘Ali’

— Uppsala University (@UU_University) on 3 October 2017.
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“An interesting detail is that the word “Allah” is depicted on the mirror. Perhaps they tried to write it so that the prayer can be read from left to right, — said Larsson. — The Koran says that all who enter Heaven will be wearing silk clothes that can be the explanation of the spread of silk among the Vikings and the appearance of such inscriptions”.

This is not the first such find. So, Scandinavian the tomb of the ninth century, archaeologists found a silver ring with the inscription, executed in the early Arabic Kufic. The inscription is interpreted as “For Allah” or “Allah”, but another possible reading is “Inshallah”.