Poland boasted a reflection of Russian cyber attacks

The Minister of defence of Poland Anthony Macierewicz said about the reflection of a hacker attack from Russia. About it reports “Radio Poland”.

“In Poland is still the best crypto and the best software in the world” — boasted head of the Polish defense Ministry. He added that it was already the third attack on Polish servers for the last time.

October 9, Macierewicz announced the creation in Poland cyberarmies. “It is important to realize and remember that our main opponent has made information one of its most important weapons, and every day he tries to influence the formation of consciousness, in our minds and attitude to the events,” he said.

Macierewicz directly accused of such actions of Russia. “During the illegal referendum in Catalonia Russian hackers helped the organizers of the plebiscite to circumvent the blockade of the online voting system, created by the Spanish government,” — said the head of the Polish defense Ministry. However, no evidence is cited.

September 7 in the Finnish capital Helsinki has opened a European centre to counter hybrid threats. In the new structure involving 12 countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, USA, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It is expected that future work will be joined by other States. Center for hybrid threats also works closely with the European Union and NATO.