Officials decided to evict the child’s deceased mother-an orphan from an apartment in the Urals

The administration of the city of Shadrinsk of the Kurgan region is trying through the court to evict three year old child, spelled out in the municipal apartment of his mother’s orphan, writes on Friday, October 13.

The woman died a few months ago and the boy now lives there with his own father, who issued the guardianship.

Representing family in the court of human rights activist Alexander Dyer told the newspaper that the eviction was not, if the housing was provided by the deceased as a social, not specialized.

“In 2013 the law was amended to retain the orphans their apartment, to protect from fraud and risk of losing housing, — said the Dyer. — Within five years after the housing orphan cannot privatize, sell or rent this place. In this case, a woman with a child got an apartment less than five years ago, the Treaty sotsnayma was not. This legal conflict could cost an orphaned kid a roof over your head.”

The mother of the child died in the hospital, which came after the beating. Guilty of her death is serving a sentence in prison. The father lived with the mother of his child, after her death guardianship and took care of the son. The man spelled out in the village Polovinskaya district and in case of eviction is going to rent a house in Oakville at their own expense.

According to Andryukova, the administration’s representatives did not appear at the hearing on Thursday, October 12. “Hearing postponed for October 30. But if at the second meeting, the plaintiff does not appear, the court may leave the claim without consideration,” he said.

If officials do not change their position, defenders are going to appeal to the constitutional court and the state Duma with a request to amend the law to resolve such situations.

“” asked to explain the situation to the administration of the city of Shadrinsk.