Named the average age of the most beautiful people

Named the average age of the most beautiful people

The stereotypes that modern society is obsessed with youth, can be destroyed because the results of recent studies showed that the average age of people considered the most beautiful, is approaching 40 years.

Experts from Boston University compared the celebrities, whose names were included in lists of most beautiful people by People magazine in 1990 and 2017.

The results showed that in almost 30 years, the average age of the people, considered the most beautiful rose from 33.2 to 38.9 years, writes The Telegraph.NewsMeet the hottest grandma in the world

Age increased due to the fact that this year the list were 59-year-old actress Sharon stone and Michelle Pfeiffer, as well as a 49-year-old Julia Roberts who was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. It is worth noting that these same celebrities were present in the 1990 list.

The study also showed that more preference in beauty is given to dark skin tones: in 1990, 88% of the list were celebrities with light skin, while in 2017 this figure dropped to 70.4%.

The study’s authors believe that changes in the standards of beauty associated with the criteria that are imposed on the media. “We found that these standards of beauty have changed due to the fact that people have learnt to combine the influence of media and perception of new cultures and different norms,” said, who led the study, Dr. Neelam Vashi.