More than 92 percent of Syria liberated from is militants

Terrorists from the “Islamic state” (IG, an organization banned in Russia), released in 92 Syria. This is stated in the official printed organ of the Russian defense Ministry newspaper “Red star”.

It is noted that the aviation aerospace defence forces of Russia for a week has made in the SAR by more than 500 sorties, of which more than 130 drone. As a result, destroyed more than 1260 people.

On 10 October it was reported that the Russian space forces destroyed the economic infrastructure of ISIS, to thwart attempts to revive the terrorists the production and sale of hydrocarbons. “Sources of funding for procurement of arms and ammunition, as well as the recruitment of mercenaries in Syria is not” — said the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov.

The defense Ministry said that ISIS is defeated in Syria, began to expand the captured territory in Iraq — there reinforcements fighters.