Lover of the deceased in the Dominican Republic naked Russian woman told about her work

The former lover and the father of the deceased in the Dominican Republic Russian tourist Alexander Balagushkin not heard that she could provide escort services. On Friday, October 13, he told the TV channel REN TV.

“I don’t know what she was doing. Here we have a child together. She did tell me if it is? We (our family), if it is found, it would long ago took the baby and all. We have no information about it,” said the man.

He explained that, according to him, the deceased Natalia Borodina two years I lived in Cannes, doing visas and met tourists from Russia and CIS countries. Nothing suspicious in her life he did not notice that the money she had.

Currently Balagushkin sent to the Chelyabinsk region, where living relatives of the deceased to take his son. He also said he was ready to support her family and have already contacted the Russian Consul.

Previously a friend of the deceased said that the family does not have enough money to transport her body home. According to her, in the Chelyabinsk region, Borodina has 80-year-old mother and a sister who is raising his son, and the son of Natalia.

Earlier it became known that the 35-year-old Russian was killed in the Dominican Republic in the incident, which happened on the way to the airport of Punta Cana. A naked woman leaned in the car window and touched his head road sign. With serious injuries she was taken to a local hospital, but later died. Behind the wheel of the Kia Picanto was a citizen of Ukraine Ivanna, Boyarchuk, which is filming everything on video.