Linkin Park published Carpool Karaoke with Chester Bennington

Linkin Park published Carpool Karaoke with Chester Bennington

It took a week before the death of the musician.

Linkin Park issued a release program Carpool Karaoke, shot a week before the suicide of Chester Bennington. 24-minute recording appeared on Facebook group review, that publication made with the permission of the family members of the deceased musician.

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The host of the show was actor Ken Jeong. Production started with a replica of Jeong, who said he would like to become a member of Linkin Park (at the same time he suggested to rename it to LinKen Park). What Bennington said, “we’ll See”. In response, the actor joked: “I Have full there is a feeling that I’m in a band. We are already fighting”.

Among the performed songs were Hey Ya Outcast of the group, tracks Linkin Park (Numb, In the End Talking to Myself), Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Chester Bennington killed himself July 20, 2017. In memory of the musician on October 27 Linkin Park will give a concert at the stadium Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. With them the stage will be divided Korn, System of a Down, Blink-182 and other artists.