Iran’s President responded to criticism of trump

Iran’s President responded to criticism of trump

Moscow. 13 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — Agreement on the Iranian atom are enshrined in resolutions of the UN Security Council, and because unilaterally not to abandon his certification, said Friday the President of Iran Hassan Rouhani.

Rouhani said that the American President “doesn’t seem to know that SVPD is not a bilateral agreement”. He added that one of the parties may not waive the certification agreement because it was enshrined in UN security Council resolution.

“We consider the AGREEMENT as an international agreement… We will respect the AGREEMENT”, — he said.

In addition, Rouhani has accused trump of unwarranted criticism of Iran, saying that his speech “was nothing but baseless accusations and insults Iran.”

Rouhani also said that Iran stimulates the production of weapons to deter potential adversaries. “Iran will redouble efforts to produce weapons needed for deterrence”, he said. In addition, the President promised to “expand the missile program.”

Previously, trump said he would not certify the implementation of Tehran’s agreement with the “six” of international mediators on the nuclear issue. The US is not out of this agreement.