In two rural settlements of the Moscow region has completed the modernization of military camps

The program of modernization of the former military towns In the Moscow region is in full swing, in two rural settlements work on the conversion has been completed. About it “” have informed in regional government on Thursday, October 12.

“We have practically completed work in military camps Shchelkovo district. The repairs of the houses are still conducted in Monino, planned to be completed until the end of 2017. And Ogudnevskaya rural settlement planned modernization program we are completely finished. Work has also been completed in the rural settlement Tashirovskoe city district of Naro-Fominsk”, — said the Minister of housing and communal services of the Moscow region Evgeny hromushin.

He added that the number of cities participating in the programme is increasing all the time. “The desire to participate in the program constantly Express new towns, and we certainly include them,” — said the Minister.

In the Moscow region is the transfer of military camps owned by the defense Ministry, regional or municipal. Through this work the government of Moscow region in 2016 for the first time embarked on a programme of transformation of these settlements.

On 25 September it was reported that bomb experts from the beginning of the year destroyed on the territory of the region more than 400 ammunition of times of the great Patriotic war. The most common threat among the findings artillery shells, bombs, ammunition engineering, mortar shells and ammunition.