HIV dissident from Bratsk obliged to treat the infected son

The brotherly district court of the Irkutsk region ordered the local resident to cure my two year-old son with HIV. On it informs “Baikal info” with reference to the press service of the regional Center on preventive measures and struggle with AIDS.

According to the publication, HIV-positive woman did not accept their diagnosis and learn about the movement of HIV-dissidents (the deniers of the existence of the virus), decided to abandon antiretroviral therapy for herself and her child. The Prosecutor of the Brotherly area the thought that thus she violated the rights of her son to health and medical care.

This position was supported by the court: according to the materials of the case, the mother of a minor child was aware of the nature and extent of the risk of HIV, but refused medical intervention necessary to save the life of his son. Woman ordered to proceed immediately to the comprehensive treatment of the child.

The chief physician of the Irkutsk regional center for prevention and control of AIDS and infectious diseases (AIDS Center) Julia Plotnikov told the publication that this is not the first trial in HIV-positive adults who refuse to treat children.

Each year from HIV positive mothers born about 800 children, but thanks to medical care in 98% of cases it is possible to avoid transmission of the virus during pregnancy and childbirth, said “Baikal info”. All in the Irkutsk region is home to more than 35 thousand people with HIV.

In August at the children’s hospital of St. Petersburg died ten girl. According to the AIDS center, her parents refused to give her antiretroviral drugs, because they believed AIDS is a fictional disease.