Effective tool for weight loss

Effective tool for weight loss

Scientists from the National research center of cardiovascular diseases Charles III in Spain have discovered a protein that could become the target for drugs designed to treat obesity. This compound is a protein kinase MKK6, preventing the burning of excess fat.

Obesity in recent decades has become a worldwide epidemic that has affected more than 2.2 billion people. The researchers analyzed samples of fat tissue in patients suffering from obesity, and found that in samples contains an abnormal amount of protein kinase MKK6. This compound prevents the conversion of white fat to brown, which is burned to maintain body temperature.

White adipose tissue stores excess calories stock, and its accumulation contributes to obesity.

The brown fabric is considered “good” fat that burns constantly. Shown that mice that do not have MKK6, more brown fat, and these rodents do not suffer from obesity. Thus, inhibitors of protein kinase stop obesity and help to restore normal weight.