A family of Tajik migrants four years hiding in the junkyard near Chelyabinsk

Ten migrant workers from Tajikistan who were sentenced to deportation for four years hiding from the police in the landfill in the Chelyabinsk region. All the detainees are members of the same family, said on Friday, October 13, the press service of the regional Department of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP).

“In 2013, the court decided to deport from Russia for violating migration legislation Malahat. H. and her three children. But the woman, taking advantage of the leniency of the court, which did not send it with children in prison, and was allowed to await deportation to the usual place — in the shacks, the railroad disappeared”, — stated in the message.

Attempts to find the native of Tajikistan in hot pursuit failed, “her compatriots kept a vow of silence.” As a result, in 2014 a woman and her children were declared wanted. They were found only in September of this year at the landfill for household waste under the city Emanzhelinsk Chelyabinsk region.

Instead of four migrants found ten. “In the initial list of refoulement has not got three older children Malahat that during the RAID police “worked” elsewhere. Also during this time the mother and her eldest daughter gave birth to a total of three children: one — Malahat and two — her daughter Bibisora”, — says the press service. The bailiffs had to check all the tents inhabitants of the landfill, to find all children and grandchildren of migrants.

The family was placed in the detention center for administrative detainees are foreign citizens, and then they were taken to the court of Chelyabinsk, which decided to expel all. Home they will be sent just after you make documents born in Russia children and grandchildren a native of Tajikistan.

For 2017, the bailiffs forcibly returned home 818 foreigners who have violated immigration laws that 233 persons more compared to the same period last year.