Zhirinovsky has said it is ready to measure IQ with trump and Tillerson

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has declared that is ready to measure the coefficient of intelligence (IQ) and U.S. President Donald trump and Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson. His words leads TASS on Wednesday, October 11.

“Here trump proposed to compare your IQ [IQ] Tillerson. I would also add, on three, let’s compare IQ. You are the head of a huge America, and that’s let us down [in the study will be the party],” said the leader of the liberal Democrats.

According to policy, a comparative study of IQ should hold scientists. “Lay [in the study], all of the performances, the vocabulary of the topic. It will be clear, the machine will show anything more,” he suggested.

Zhirinovsky expressed confidence that the United States “could not obtain the knowledge that we have in Russia.”

The day before trump published in Forbes magazine suggested to compare your intelligence quotient and IQ Secretary Rex Tillerson. So he reacted to the media reports that the Secretary of state allegedly called him a “jackass”. “And I can tell you who will win”, — quotes its Agency.

12 April, Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that the drink for the impeachment of the American President, if he continues to break his campaign promises. He noted that he was disappointed in Republican after the missile strike, the US on the Syrian airfield shirt.

In November last year the liberal democratic party of Russia poured into the state Duma champagne in honor of the victory trump in the presidential election. Shortly before that, Zhirinovsky appealed to Americans urging them to vote for the Republican. The politician has even suggested that it may be related to a billionaire.