The media learned about hatred trump to the White house staff

Donald Trump

Edition of Vanity Fair reported on Wednesday that US President Donald trump once said the head of the own security service Keith Schiller, the roots of hatred to virtually all White house staff.

“I hate everyone in the White house! There are a few exceptions, but I hate them!” — allegedly said in one of the temper tantrums trump, told the newspaper two sources in the White house.

Vanity Fair also claims that the President’s chief of staff, John Kelly, and the head of the Pentagon James Mattis had already discussed with each other what they will do in that case, if trump would order a nuclear strike. “Whether they will cope (Kelly and Mattis — approx. “Of the”) with him (tramp — approx. “Of the”)?” asked a source.

On Tuesday, trump has met with representatives of power structures of the country and discussed with them the options of military action against North Korea in response to its growing nuclear ambitions. Trump received a briefing from defense Minister James Mattis and Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff General Joseph Dunford. Trump’s meeting with officials was held to discuss “options for responding to any form of North Korean aggression or, if necessary, to North Korea threatened the United States and its allies with nuclear weapons.”