The causes for the move of Russians to the far East

The Russians are ready to move to the far East with the opportunity to earn it from 50 thousand to 150 thousand rubles a month. About it, citing the poll, said the head of the Agency for the development of human capital in the far East, Valentin Timakov, according to the website of the relevant Ministry.

The opportunity to work closer to the Pacific coast sees a quarter (24 per cent) of respondents VTSIOM. “The maximum willingness comes from the population aged 25-44 years, accounting for one-third of the total number of respondents,” — said Timakov.

Among the main incentives to move, except for earnings as the desire to start a new life and a desire for rapid career growth.

6 September in the framework of the Eastern economic forum the President of Russia Vladimir Putin urged to extend the scope of the program “far Eastern hectare” on compatriots abroad. Among them, according to him, there are people who want to “work on this earth to create strong families with children”.

Program for the free distribution of land in the far Eastern Federal district suggests that every citizen may exercise the right to receive there parcel no larger than a hectare. After five years it will be possible to arrange to rent or in the property.