Swiss police requested the video be removed with the beating of a white teenager by a black man

Police in the Swiss city of Delemont, located in the Canton of Jura, demanded from mother of a white teenager who was beaten black migrant, delete video of the incident, because the comments upset users to the video are “incitement to hatred and violence.” It is reported by RTN.

The video depicted as a black man hitting on a teenager, and then grabs him and throws it on the ground.

Appearing in the vastness of Facebook, the video quickly attracted more than 50 thousand views and over 700 comments, which allegedly contained “racist and insulting”.

The city police are also interested in the roller, and contacted the mother of the victim, and then demanded to remove the clip, which she did. However, netizens continue to upload the video on various platforms.

In this regard, the police reminded on the page in Facebook that racial discrimination and call for hatred and violence are in Switzerland a criminal offence. Cantonal authorities also demanded an end to replicate the video.

The mother of the victim said that he was surprised by the prevalence, which received the video, however, does not regret that posted the video that caused a flood of racist comments on the Internet.