Six hours in school Himalayan trail

Six hours in school Himalayan trail

School Odyssey of two sisters from Indian mountain villages, told in photographs and video 360°.

Radhika and Yashoda spend six hours a day on the road to school and back. They live in a village in a remote area of the Indian Himalayas, but I think that education is worth the hardship. Bi-bi-si offers to go with them in a way.

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Radhika and Yashoda: the story of two sisters

India, summer. The rainy season. Five in the morning. Sunny. Sisters Radhika and Yashoda sitting on the terrace of a village house. They wash and fun, arguing at the Breakfast get more pellets.

The sisters will not say that in half an hour they have a long and dangerous road — mountain path to school.

Rocks and cliffs, torrential rains and scorching sun, wild rivers and lush undergrowth. The daily routine of the Schoolgirls envied by avid travelers.

Two sisters from the village Saba in the mountain district of the Indian state of Uttarakhand 14 and 16 years. Such as they are, in the surrounding villages four.

After a short stop at the Hindu temple girls go. Smiling, the father waving after them with a heavy heart.

The way to school takes two hours, and if the weather turned bad, and all three. And there is no other way to get to Maneri and Malla, where they learn to sister, no.

Saba nestles on a hillside away from the road. Abandoning their backpacks, textbooks and lunch — chapatti with vegetable curry — sisters begin the descent down a narrow rocky trail. The main obstacles in their way — crossing the river Bhagirathi — a couple of hours on foot.

Above the turbulent waters stretched rope. It is attached to an open iron crate, barely accommodating four.