Information on air pollution in kindergartens in Moscow denied

Info “Greenpeace of Russia” about additional air pollution on the territory of the kindergartens in Moscow, is posted on the website of the organization and common in the media, is not true. This statement is contained in the message a press-services of the Department of natural resources and environmental protection of the capital, sent to edition”.ru”.

Kindergartens that says “Greenpeace Russia”, according to the address, stated in the release, are the first line of buildings, not in the immediate vicinity of highways. Residential areas, courtyards, protected from the road is the first line of development, according to “Mosekomonitoring” concentration of polluting substances caused by motor vehicle emissions do not exceed regulations.

Department of natural resources, according to the report, asked for information in the administration of Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow. The Agency continuously monitors the condition of the atmosphere of the city in the framework of social-hygienic monitoring on route 50 posts, located on the territory of residential buildings in high air pollution areas of the city.

According to the Metropolitan Board of Rospotrebnadzor, over the past period 2017 4383 conducted studies of air samples for the content of nitrogen dioxide, 4354 research on the content of carbon monoxide, 3971 research on formaldehyde content. Exceeding the hygienic standards on these substances on the territory of residential development located near highways, is not revealed.

A report published by Greenpeace, it is stated that in four kindergartens in Moscow was sampled atmospheric air, and the results of laboratory analysis of the samples detected exceeded the average standards for ambient air quality.

In the Russian legislation there are requirements to ensure the reliability of environmental information, was recalled to the Department of natural resources. These were the requirements for sampling devices or the measuring apparatus and the measurement technique and the methodology for the analysis of the original data. Sanitary-epidemiological conclusions and research must be carried out only by accredited laboratories and monitoring the quality of the environment relates to the licensed. Even provided civil penalties for its failure. However, unfortunately this responsibility is only for those who are required by law to submit environmental information, responsible for the specialized organizations. And “Greenpeace Russia” is not required, so we can afford impunity “throw” into the information space of the fake news, not possessing the necessary license.