In the liberal democratic party spoke about the faith of Zhirinovsky in a US strike on North Korea

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes that Washington will strike on North Korea, since the political situation in the United States will encourage the us President Donald trump to war. On Wednesday, October 11, citing a source in the party informs “Interfax”.

“At the meeting of our faction Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Zhirinovsky — approx. “Of the”) invited all to answer the question of whether the attack by the USA on North Korea. The majority voted for the fact that the United States will not take such a step. But Zhirinovsky said that he is on the side of the minority, “it is right to attack will be””, — said the Agency member of the party who participated in the meeting.

Zhirinovsky told members of the liberal democratic party that, in his opinion, trump will be forced to take this step because it is actually put before a choice — resignation or war. LDPR leader said that the predecessor to trump Barack Obama worked in a different environment and enjoyed the support of the majority.

The Agency interlocutor also told about the main theses of Zhirinovsky at the meeting. According to the leader of LDPR, “to artificially create such conditions under which trump cannot function, he is forced to war,” and this step will dramatically switch the public attention from internal political problems related to the figure of the President, his actions outside the country that will allow the U.S. leader to enlist the support of the military-industrial complex, interested in the state orders for all types of weapons.

On 11 October the Deputy of LDPR Anton Morozov at session of fraction in the state Duma told about the intention of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN “to tame US the fire.” Frost, who returned from Pyongyang, pointed out that Kim Jong-UN is ready for the toughest action, so Pyongyang is working to create able to bring a charge to West coast of the US Intercontinental ballistic missile and intends to test it.

In recent months, the situation on the Korean Peninsula has escalated due to the ongoing missile and nuclear tests in North Korea, which caused strong dissatisfaction with the administration of U.S. President Donald trump caused another tightening of sanctions of the UN security Council.

19 Sep trump from the podium of the UN General Assembly has promised to “completely destroy” North Korea. According to the President, the US will have no choice, if Pyongyang does not come on.