In France, the invalid rose from his chair and chased with an ax for the offender

In the French town of Villeneuve-Tolosan, Toulouse, in the vicinity of the wheelchair stood up out of my chair and chased with an ax for his friend. It is reported 20 Minutes.

“Chained” to the chair the man was visiting his friend when they had an argument because of the Internet connection. Enraged some remark of the interlocutor disabled rose to his feet, grabbed lying near the axe and chased after his opponent. He pulled away from persecution only stop on the bus.

In the evening the landlord returned, accompanied by a friend. The assailant at the scene was not. However, in the dead of night disabled returned the same axe struck about 150 shots on the iron bars of the fence of the site. The publication claims that the man was in a condition of narcotic intoxication.

To the place of incident came to the police, who managed to disarm the attacker.

January 31, 2014 in Ocala, Florida the legless disabled stole the car. 28-year-old Shamal Battis (Shamal Battice) stole “Pontiac” 2009 release from the showroom. Before that, he expressed interest in buying the car and asked the consultant to put him inside. Once in the car, Battis was locked from the inside, then got folding crutches and left, using them to press on the gas and brake pedals. Disabled detained only a few hours later at a gas station when he tried to beg her visitors money on gasoline.