As Ivana trump is trying to regain his respect

As Ivana trump is trying to regain his respect

Recently, first wife of Donald trump Ivana trump said that she is the real first lady of the United States. As the former model said that trump continues to turn to her for advice, and does it about once a week. These statements followed a scandal — Melania trump is trying to deliver the first President’s wife to place. “Газета.Ru” how are howling between former wife of the President of the United States.

Much ADO about nothing

On Monday a guest on the popular American TV show Good morning America was the first wife of Donald trump Ivana. The former model and businesswoman came to the channel to talk about his new book, which goes on sale this week. A memoir “Raising Trump” is dedicated to the memories Ivana about parenting and marriage with Donald. However, the headlines in the media Ivan was not due to writing talent, but because of the sharp phrases aimed at the current address of the spouse of the President of Melanie.

I don’t want to call him to the White house, because there’s next to him, Melanie. Don’t want to cause jealousy or something like that. I’m the first wife trump, right? First lady.

In this discussion of the private lives of the presidential couple is not over. “I think it (Melanie tramp — “Газета.Ru”) to live in Washington — it’s terrible. But it is better than I because I would have hated Washington… I like my freedom.”

She also added that it had agreed to be the official first lady when Donald was just thinking about presidential career, but certainly not now.

Comment on heard Melanie decided, in its usual manner — through a spokesperson. “Mrs. trump made the White house a home for the Barron (the youngest son of trump’s Газета.Ru) and the President. She likes to stay in Washington and take up the role of first lady of the United States. She plans to use her title and role to help children, not to sell books. So in the words of a former spouse makes no sense. Unfortunately, this is just an attempt to draw attention and create buzz around,” said Stephanie Grisham.

This is not the first statement of Ivana in the address of Melanie.

So, during the presidential race of 2015, in an interview with New York Daily Mail she shared her thoughts about Melani: “She can’t speak, can’t speak, does not go to the event and (I think) doesn’t want to be involved in the process.”

Obviously, Ivan wanted to add “unlike me”, but did this indirectly already, two years later, on Good morning America. “Can I disperse the White house within 14 days? Definitely. Can I speak for 45 minutes without a teleprompter? Definitely. Can I read the contract? Can I negotiate? Can I entertain? Definitely. But I would not want to be there. I like my freedom,” she said in a TV show.