Who took the Japanese by the nose by an Indian cryptologist died in the United States

In the U.S. state of new Mexico at the age of 94 years died one of the last light of an Indian tribe, the Navajo. It is reported by Task & Purpose.

The cause of death of Patterson, David E. (David E. Patterson) was pneumonia. According to relatives, he was a staunch Catholic, loved bingo and baseball.

From 1943 to 1945, Patterson served as a marine in the Marshall Islands. Three years after the end of the service he married a girl named Marion. The couple had seven children.

After the army he graduated from College and became a social worker.

The so-called Navajo code, based on the unique alphabet of the Indians, began using in 1942. This language is extremely difficult to study, it was not even a single grammar rules. Coders used it to send coded messages throughout the Pacific theater of operations.

The Japanese military cryptology are unable to decode it. It is believed that thanks to the skill, speed and accuracy of the Navajo managed to save the lives of thousands of American soldiers.