“Their other demand”: why Hollywood has destroyed Harvey Weinstein?

“Their other demand”: why Hollywood has destroyed Harvey Weinstein?

Award-winning producer and friend of Barack Obama less than a week became the main pariah of America.

I don’t suppose it felt eyewitnesses of the crash of the airship “Hindenburg”. Here you stand on the ground and look like a giant Zeppelin comes in to land. It’s a hypnotic spectacle captures you entirely: see how the giant machine (245 metres in length) slowly decreases, and then at the stern and a fire breaks out in 34 seconds this king of the sky, the largest passenger aircraft in the world, burning to the ground. So it is possible to describe the history of Harvey Weinstein.

Last Thursday he was crowned king of Hollywood, the most influential producer king Midas, able to turn a low-budget picture in the international hits, and young beginners — stars of world size. On Friday he unexpectedly turned into “the controversial producer, who is accused of sexual harassment”, and to the environment Harvey disappeared. It is no longer burned to the ground.

He turned away from colleagues, former friends and colleagues, he was fired from the company that he is not just founded and in which he was the main, if not only asset, his wife left him and finally, as icing on the cake, he publicly quarreled with his brother. Sexual harassment and even rape Harvey accused by dozens of women, including Gwyneth Paltrow, angelina Jolie, the World Sorvino, Asia Argento, Ashley Judd and many more Actresses, journalists and models.

From someone Harvey demanded a massage or a joint in the bathtub, someone forced to perform oral sex in front of someone just walking around naked. The FOX journalist said that Harvey invited her into the room, pulled out a member and began to masturbate. Bringing the case to the bitter end he continued a dialogue with a journalist as if nothing had happened.

Newsis Why even in Hollywood, women still are treated like vesamode of the most influential film producers of the world was accused of sexual harassment. Talk about why Hollywood is still in what do not put the rights of women.

The details of the crimes Weinstein elaborates in the press, but I think more interesting. And that is why Hollywood has forgiven Roman Polanski and woody Allen, but was destroyed by Harvey Weinstein?

Polanski is accused of raping a minor. He is forced to live in Europe, is the constant fear of possible extradition to his homeland, but he continues to make in his work too enjoy playing the main stars of Hollywood. Allen of sexual abuse accuses his adopted daughter. Keeping him in your life? Probably, Yes. But already on 14 October in the us rolling out the new film by woody — “Wheel of Miracles”, starring roles in which she played Kate Winslet, Juno temple and Justin Timberlake.

That is unpleasant, of course, what about you saying nasty things, but the work in fact not a serious obstacle. Mel Gibson, who was accused that he beat his wife, famous for his insane anti-Semitic monologue (all the troubles in the world from the Jews, all wars in the world from the Jews, etc.), for the second year as slowly but steadily returned to the industry. First big directorial project, the military drama “For reasons of conscience”, and this year already and with two acting in Studio films.

What can we say about Donald, “grab their crotch” trump, which his ribald jokes and allegations of sexual harassment did not prevent to be elected to the post of President of the United States. So why does trump all is well, and Harvey’s career suddenly ended so fast?

Scandal Harvey Weinstein is fundamentally different from the scandals of woody Allen, Roman Polanski or Mel Gibson in the first place, because if respected Directors it was local scandals associated primarily with their own personal life, in the case of Harvey, we are talking about institutional and industrial problem. About the problem of companies Miramax (first) and The Weinstein Company about the problem of film as such.

Usually journalists wishing to illustrate the degree of coolness and power of Weinstein, cite the example of a simple figure: six “Oscars”. The films produced by his company, six “Oscars” for Best film. That is, six awards got it to Harvey, because the statuette in this category — this is the reward a producer who appreciated the script, Director’s vision, helped to recruit artists, managed to release the movie in theaters, helped him to get to major festivals and receive critical acclaim and, in the end, organized a competent promotional campaign to convince Academy members to vote for him.