The new trailer for “Star wars”: questions without answers

The new trailer for “Star wars”: questions without answers

The first full trailer for the eighth episode of “Star wars” movie “Star wars: the Last Jedi” — alluding to the unexpected plot twists, but leaves viewers in the dark. What will happen to the characters in the film?

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After watching the trailer we get a lot of questions. First of all, about what will happen next in the universe of “Star wars”.

Attention! Below may be spoilers! Or may not be. We do not yet know.

Will Rey to the Dark side?

“When I found you, I saw wild unbridled power. But apart from that… Something truly priceless”.

These words of the Supreme leader of the First order, Snoke performed by Andy Serkis sound in the first frame. Until now, little was known about this character. Finally, we can consider it.

Who is he talking about? About Kyle Renee (Adam Driver) meeting us at the first frame, or Rey (Daisy Ridley), which appears in the trailer then?

Then we see how she learns to manage the power on the island, where lies Luke Skywalker (mark Hamill).

“Only time I saw such strength, says a stunned Luke, apparently, comparing Rey with Ren. — Then it did not scare me. But now…”.