The media learned about the “Israeli trace” in the scandal with the software virus in the United States

Restrictions on the operation of the software of the company “Kaspersky Lab” in the United States was imposed after Israeli intelligence revealed alleged in anti-hacker Toolkit, which allows you to secretly access information on the victim’s computer. About this newspaper The New York Times, citing sources.

According to the newspaper, the Israelis were able to hack their own network, “Kaspersky Lab” and find out what antivirus software used by over 400 million people worldwide, is a global search tool for confidential information.

Israel warned the US about the “large-scale Russian invasion”, and then in Washington made the decision to uninstall Kaspersky with a government-owned computer systems, the newspaper writes.

“Like most software security products “Kaspersky Lab” demand access to anything stored on the computer to analyze for viruses or other threats. Her popular antivirus software scans for signatures of malware or hacking programs, and then removes or neutralizes them before sending a report to Kaspersky. This procedure is usual for such software, provided an ideal tool for the actions of the Russian intelligence, so she could examine the contents of the computers and get everything you find interesting”, — stated in the publication.

Earlier it was reported that Russian special services allegedly stole classified documents from the employee of the national security Agency of the United States, in violation of the user stored them on his home computer, on which you have installed antivirus software Kaspersky.

The publication notes that all of the sources spoke on condition of anonymity, citing rules for handling classified information.

The company’s founder Eugene Kaspersky in his Facebook, commenting, said that his firm has nothing to do with this situation and knows nothing about it. “The integrity of our products plays a fundamental role in our business, “Kaspersky Lab” closes any vulnerabilities that it finds or about which she reported,” he stressed, expressing readiness to work with U.S. authorities to dispel concerns. Kaspersky urged to provide any verifiable information that will allow the company to proceed with the investigation.

U.S. authorities in September, accused of “Kaspersky Lab” espionage. The Department of homeland security urged all state institutions of the country within 90 days to remove any products anti-virus company. In the Lab, deny the charges. The company has declared that became a victim of political games.