The head of the Primorsky aquarium has resigned after the death of another Dolphin

The Director of the seaside aquarium Alexander Mikhailuk took responsibility for the death of a female Dolphin named Eva, who died on 10 October, and resigned. Reported PrimaMedia.

“Taking into account public opinion, not making discounts on the causes of these events, I submitted a letter of resignation as Director of the Primorsky aquarium”, — he told.

The management of the aquarium, in turn, also made a statement. “The seaside aquarium was unable to save a female Dolphin who received an acute respiratory disease which rapidly turned to pneumonia. On October 10 we lost this animal, but believe me, I did everything. Rapidly progressive pneumonia is one of the most frequent causes of death of cetaceans in nature and in modern aquariums”, — emphasized in the organization.

Resignation Mikhailyuk filed Wednesday, the decision of the management is not yet known.

Mikhailyuk became Director of the seaside aquarium in December 2016. The previous head of the seaside aquarium Vadim Serkov was removed from office after the deaths of several animals.

On 24 September at the aquarium in Vladivostok killed the whale. The animal was entangled in the rigging, brought in an outdoor aviary with a storm, and suffocated under water. “The technician on duty had attempted to free her, but could not cope with the 600-pound animal,” — said the representative of the aquarium, Elena Molchanova.

In July of this year, the media got the information that from-for negligence of the staff at the aquarium has suffered a walrus. Someone left open the grate that separates the enclosure with the animal from the pool. As a result, the walrus will probably rely, that the pool, as usual, full of water, jumped down and fell on the concrete floor.

In October last year it became known that there died a few Pets, including the Steller sea lion and two dolphins Whiteside. After that the trainer of marine mammals told about numerous violations in the aquarium. The administration denies the charges.

Primorsky Oceanarium located on the island of Russian. Opened in September 2016. The area is more than 37 thousand square meters. This is the only aquarium in the country, which is part of the Russian Academy of Sciences.