The Director of the seaside aquarium has resigned after the death of another Dolphin

The Director of the seaside aquarium has resigned after the death of another Dolphin

Moscow. 11 Oct. INTERFAX.RU Dolphin died in the Primorsky Oceanarium in Vladivostok, on Wednesday, after the incident, the Director of the institution Alexander Mikhaylyuk resigned.

“The seaside aquarium was unable to save a female Dolphin who received an acute respiratory disease which rapidly turned to pneumonia. On October 10 we lost that animal, but, believe me, did everything possible,” reads the official statement of the companies.

Rapidly progressive pneumonia is one of the most frequent causes of death of cetaceans in nature, and in modern aquariums.Official statement of the seaside aquarium

Dear subscribers! In the night from 10 to 11 October at #primorskykray in trouble! Died Afalina eve. From pneumonia. The girl was an actress of the Dolphinarium. ————————— Any animal’s death is a huge loss for the whole team… ————————— the Responsibility for what happened took over the Director of the seaside aquarium – A. L. Mikhaylyuk, he is leading the organization less than a year. ————————— Full statement by the Director in the comments for this post ?

Publication from the Maritime AQUARIUM (@primocean) Oct 10 2017 5:29 PDT

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It is noted that each death of a marine mammal at the aquarium is a tragedy for trainers, veterinarians, and technicians. If the death occurs at someone else’s negligence, taken the most stringent measures.

“So, by results of investigation of recent incident with an abandoned storm a foreign object in the outdoor aviary in the Bay area of Paris that led to the deaths of Beluga whale, signed the dismissal order of the chief naval base and chief of the diving service are not provided adequate conditions for keeping animals,” the report States.