The causes the constant desire to have sex

The causes the constant desire to have sex

Researchers from Australia and Canada have published a review article that revealed the causes of gipersexualnosti — increased libido and frequent sexual activity. The scientific work presented in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Hypersexuality is often seen as a separate mental disease associated with the inability of man to control his sexual behavior. It was proposed for inclusion in the list of diseases DSM-5, but it was rejected by the American psychiatric Association due to the lack of scientific evidence that existing diagnostic criteria help to identify this condition. However, it is a disease and can manifest as nymphomania in women and satyriasis in men.

The researchers conducted a statistical analysis of several studies on hypersexuality and impulsive sexual behavior. On this basis, they developed the concept of “hypersexual cycle”, which explains this condition.

The cycle consists of several stages: sexual desire, long lasting active behavior, satiety, and sexual “exhaustion”, which begins after the period of “rest.” Thereafter, the patient again resumed, and the cycle repeats again.

It is shown that one of the factors in periodic engagement in hypersexual activity, even if it brings suffering to the patient, is cognitive impairment, which is expressed in the disorder of memory.