The bomber was in the wrong position

The bomber was in the wrong position

Videoconferencing has lost in Syria, the plane and the two pilots.

Yesterday, the Russian aviation base Hamim (Latakia) have lost a Sukhoi su-24M: plane on a combat mission, skidded off the runway and exploded. Killing the pilots Yuri Medvedkov and Yuri Kopylov. According to sources, “b”, the data of the preliminary reports indicate that the car was in “newsitem position” and, after the takeoff for the band, had no chance to get off the ground. According to Kommersant, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered the creation of special Commission which will establish causes of PE.

About the incident at the air base, said the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. According to the Agency, yesterday, during acceleration for takeoff bomber su-24M was rolled out for limits of runway (RWY) and collapsed. “The crew managed to eject and was killed, — said in the defense Ministry.— The destruction of the earth due to a plane crash not.” More detailed comments in the Ministry yesterday have refrained.

As told to military sources, the incident occurred at the time of departure of the crew on a combat mission. Captains Yuri Medvedkov (commander) and Yuri Kopylov (co-driver) had to strike at command and control and weapons depots of radical Islamists in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor. According to the military, before leaving the technical experts checked the airplane, complaints about his condition arose.

There was no doubt at the command of the air base in Hamima and training of pilots: the captain Medvedkov, and captain Kopylov considered an experienced pilot, not just flying combat missions in Syria. In good standing they were in 72-th guards aviation base in Chernyakhovsk (Kaliningrad oblast), where he served prior to a trip to Syria: both had the experience of flying aircraft at low and extremely low altitudes, at night and when the meteorological minimum.

According to interlocutors, “b”, after receiving the task, the pilots boarded the plane and performed a maneuver “steering”. After a few minutes, su-24M was in the beginning of the runway, and then started to take off. Having done about two thirds of the way, the bomber had to get off the ground and start to gain height, but this did not happen.