Somnology found out how often people swear in my sleep

Somnology found out how often people swear in my sleep

In the dream, people often say “No”, refer to an unseen interlocutor and mother, but polite words are heard very rarely, found the French sleep. They believe that the analysis of speech sleeping people can tell a lot about the brain.

However, studies on sounding during a dream speech, very little. According to the sleep from the University of the Sorbonne, the phenomenon is all too overlooked, while it can help you learn more about the many aspects of the brain.

“Linguistic component of sleep is a rich source of information about what is happening at this time processes in the brain,” the researchers said.

The analysis of the speech during sleep they dedicated a work, published in the journal Sleep.

Participants of the study were 232 volunteers who had been talking in my sleep more than once a week. 129 of them suffered from disorders of the fast phase of sleep, 87 was observed sleepwalking, in one subject — apnea and only 15 participants were healthy.

The participants spent a few nights in the lab. While they slept, video cameras filmed their behavior, and special equipment recorded the various indicators sleeping: heartbeat, brain activity, airway pressure.

Researchers evaluated all published patient sounds, regardless of their intelligibility. The entire team recorded in 883 cases when patients were published in sleep any sounds. At 522 episodes it was the mumbling, the whispers, the cries, the laughter. 361 episode contained single words or whole sentences.

Altogether, there were 3349 words, 15.5% in foreign languages.

The men talked more and more often used obscene language.

Almost half of the words were exclamations and interjections — “Ah!” “Oh!” “Eh!” “Shh!”.

The most common word was “no”, it sounded 5.3% of cases.

All the denial in a different form was recorded in 21.4% of cases and in 90% they were addressed to someone. For comparison, the “Yes” was uttered only 0.8%.