Serving near North Korea, the U.S. sailors called the ship a floating prison

American sailors who are serving on the cruiser “Shiloh”, based in Japan, called the ship “a floating prison” in an anonymous survey listing the factors that sharply reduces the motivation to perform combat tasks. This publication reports the Navy Times.

In particular, the team members complained about problems with authority, suicidal thoughts, exhaustion and despair. They are also concerned about the survival of the ship in the event of a collision.

The publication cites studies in which the command is forced to admit that the sailors are overworked and often not sufficiently prepared for the hectic pace. “It looks like a race in which you find that will break first — the ship or the team,” said one of the soldiers.

“I just pray that we never had to shoot down a missile fired from North Korea, said one of the sailors, because then our inefficiency will become really obvious.”

“It’s only a matter of time before there will be something terrible,” warned another member of the team.

The problems in the us Navy drew particular attention after the summer of this year in the sea have been two collisions involving destroyer “Fitzgerald” and “John McCain”. Killing 17 sailors. “Shiloh” belongs to the same chain of command that these two ships. In the relevant division had recently been fired a few admirals.