Medvedev spoke about the role of Moroccan tangerines in the lives of Russians

Medvedev spoke about the role of Moroccan tangerines in the lives of Russians

Moscow. 11 Oct. INTERFAX.RU Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on the eve of his visit to Morocco, wrote an article in which friendly names the main character of this country for Russians — diamond label “Maroc” in the Mandarin.

“In Russia it is difficult to find someone who with warmth not remembered to Morocco each year, looking at the familiar from childhood “diamond” label on the mandarins,” such words Medvedev begins his article published in the newspaper “al-Akhbar”.

Medvedev recalls that “several generations of Soviet and then Russian children have found it (the icon) on oranges and mandarins — those fruits that appear in stores in the cold Russian winter, and from the fact seem particularly sweet.”

“Often they decorate the table in the New year — the most beloved by our people holiday. It is not surprising that over time, the diamond became a symbol of the Russian-Moroccan friendship, a sign of positive perception and sympathy for your country”, — said the head of government.

In the article, the Prime Minister shares his thoughts about what it means in this country for Russia, and at what stage are now the bilateral relations.

In conclusion, he refers to another symbol, which is associated by the people of Russia with Morocco. “A masterpiece of action cinema of the twentieth century “Casablanca”, it is happening in your country. Every movie buff knows the final phrase of the outstanding film: “I Think that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” the PM writes.

He stressed that “the friendship between Russia and Morocco began long ago, and there is every reason to believe that it will only grow stronger and develop for the benefit of the peoples of both countries.”