Maksakova rejected the version about the Kremlin’s involvement in the murder Boronenkov

Maria Maksakova

Singer and former member of the state Duma Maria Maksakova considers untenable the version of the Kremlin’s involvement in the murder of her husband Denis Boronenkov. She stated during the program “live” TV channel “Russia 1”, quotes RIA Novosti.

“I have always said, who the Kremlin is irrelevant. [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, it was not necessary and interesting,” she said.

The customer of a crime, according to Maksakova, is her ex-husband, the thief in the law Vladimir Tyurin, with whom she had not supported the relationship. “What you think — it’s not speculation and not version, is that the result has been proved and submitted to the court, so you’ll have to be like this,” she said. The motives he was guided, is, in her words, “other issues,” but “that Tyurin is a customer of this crime — it is an established fact.”

According to Maksakova, Tyurin after parting treated her with hostility. “He hated me and my future personal life,” she said. Widow Boronenkov noted that it “would be the last person to want to believe in the theory that the murder was committed by Tyurin, because all of it is unpleasant — but it’s a fact”.

October 9, former state Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev said that Maksakova considered the version that the murder Boronenkov ordered Tyurin, incredible, “because she communicates with him regularly, he’s the father of her two children, the children live with him. For her, these insights — shock and a personal tragedy”.

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The version that the customer of murder was Tyurin, announced the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko. Lawyer Sergei Belyak, who previously represented the interests of the Russian citizen, has denied the involvement of his client to the crime.

Boronenkov, a former state Duma Deputy from the Communist party, was shot dead in Kyiv on March 23.

At the end of 2016 Boronenkov, along with his wife went to the Ukraine and announced the receipt of the Ukrainian citizenship. At home, he was declared internationally wanted on suspicion of involvement in raider attacks.