Latest da Vinci painting auctioned for $ 100 million

Latest da Vinci painting auctioned for $ 100 million

The last painting by Leonardo da Vinci, which was in private ownership, was put up for auction with an initial value of $ 100 million. It is reported by Time.

The oil painting was presumably created in the XVI century. It is a portrait of Christ called “the Savior of the world” (Salvator Mundi). In 2005 it was also put up for auction.

As the newspaper notes, the history of the works is not known and has several variations. If you believe one of them, the painting was in the collection of king Charles II and belonged to the son of the Duke of Buckingham. After that, she disappeared periodically, occasionally appearing at auctions.

In late August, it was reported that the British library has posted for free access “Codex Arundel” by Leonardo da Vinci. The manuscript contains 570 pages. Write in the code date back to 1480-1518 years. In the manuscript included treatises on various topics, including mechanics and geometry. It also includes numerous sketches and diagrams.