Center Kudrin disclosed the sources of their funding

Center Kudrin disclosed the sources of their funding

The centre for strategic developments (TSSR) Alexei Kudrin revealed the size of its budget in 2016, it amounted to a relatively modest 343 million RUB for About 10% of this amount fell to a subsidy from the budget, the rest — contributions of Russian organizations and citizens, told RBC press service of the CSR.

Fund, who writes for the President’s new strategy for Russia’s development, last year received 342,85 million rubles, including 309,85 million rubles from “Russian organizations and citizens” on statutory activities, 33 million rubles from the Federal budget for the implementation of the project on preparation of the Strategy for scientific and technological development of the state, announced in the CSR refused to reveal which organizations and people are financing the statutory activities.

RUB 343 million — a small sum for such an organization, says the analyst of the center “transparency international — R” Anastasia Oriole. But allow relevant comparisons with similar organizations is quite difficult, as many NGOs established by the government or state institutions do not publish their accounts on the website of the Ministry of justice. For comparison: the budget of the Agency for strategic initiatives (expenditure) amounted last year to nearly 1.7 billion. on the other hand, the work of the Levada center costs 136.9 million rubles per year, the same “transparency international — R” — 43.85 million rubles, cites examples of the expert.

Will publish after the audit

CSR itself has not yet published its accounts. Non-profit organizations annually publish reports on its activities, using including a special portal of the Ministry of justice, but reporting of the CSR there. The main Directorate of the justice Ministry in Moscow told RBC that the Foundation annually submits their reports to the Ministry, observing the requirements of the law on NGOs. But the obligation to post reports on the resource of the Ministry of justice from non-profit organizations is not, therefore, “the issue of acquaintance with the statements necessary to apply to the Fund.” The CSR representative told RBC that now held the audit of the financial statements of the Fund, “publishing on the website is planned after the completion of the ongoing audit.”

The founders of CSR are public institutions: the Higher school of Economics, Institute of economic forecasting Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of legislation and comparative law under the government of the Russian Federation, Analytical centre under the government (as the successor of the established in 1991, the Working center for economic reform) and the non-profit Institute for economic analysis.