British gay saw an eight month old daughter of Satan and killed her

Matthew Scully-Hicks

British homosexual Matthew Scully-Hicks, adopted along with her husband Craig 18-month-old girl named Elsie, two weeks after the appearance of the child, spotted her “Satan in child form,” and beaten to death. About this newspaper the Daily Mail.

31-year-old woman working as a fitness instructor, and his 36-year-old partner married in Portugal in 2012. The child lived in their home from September 2015 and in may 2016, they have successfully completed the adoption of ELSI, having custody of the child.

Two weeks later, Elsie was taken to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury. Scully-Hicks claimed that the child fell down the stairs. However, police managed to obtain access to the correspondence pairs in which they found that Scully-Hicks complained to his partner that “going through hell” when near a child and wrote that he could no longer bear her crying. The girl died after doctors disconnected her from a ventilator.

Experts who examined the corpse of Elsie, came to the conclusion that a child for a long time scoffed — she was diagnosed with multiple injuries, fractures and internal bleeding from both sides of the brain.

At the moment, the murder of a child is considered in the Royal court of Cardiff.