American bombers practiced simulated missile strikes on North Korea

American bombers practiced simulated missile strikes on North Korea

Moscow. 11 Oct. INTERFAX.RU Two supersonic strategic bomber USAF B-1B, which on Tuesday carried out missions in the area of the Korean Peninsula, practiced missile strikes on ground targets of the DPRK. This is stated in a statement on Wednesday, the message of the joint chiefs of staff of the armed forces of South Korea.

On Tuesday evening, two American bomber B-1B taking off from an air base Andersen on the American island of GUAM in the Pacific ocean, came to the Korean Peninsula. According to reports, after the departure from GUAM, the aircraft first flew to the coast of South Korea from the Japanese sea, simulating a strike cruise missiles against targets in the East of North Korea, and then crossed the South of the Korean Peninsula and, turning over the Yellow sea, repeated passes at the target from the West.

During the flight, U.S. bombers were accompanied by Japanese and South Korean fighters F-15.

In September, several strategic U.S. bombers B-1B also flew along the border of North Korea. Planes flying East of the DPRK, and, as noted in the Pentagon, “they moved to the North from the demilitarized zone, farther than ever in the XXI century”.

“It was a demonstration of the willingness of the US and a reminder that a President has a lot of military options to eliminate any threats,” — said then the American military.

The Pentagon said that the U.S. was willing to use the full spectrum of military capabilities to protect against the DPRK.

The next day the foreign Minister of the DPRK ri Yong Ho said that the United States essentially declared war on North Korea because Pyongyang reserves the right to take tough retaliatory measures. “In particular, we have the right to shoot down U.S. strategic bombers, even if they are not in our airspace”, said the Minister.